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Because just getting 5% off your order is so 2020. When you subscribe to TENZING, we'll offset your carbon footprint and help you to become Carbon Neutral. Oh, and you still get that 5% off your order. This is how it works...

Pick your
 blend of tenzing

We’ve got a range of new flavours, and combo packs for all tastes

Choose your delivery schedule

Choose between getting your TENZING drop monthly, or bi-monthly

You’re in 
total control!

Pause, cancel, and change your subscription anytime from within the 'my tenzing' page

help save the planet

Every month you subscribe, we offset 700kg of carbon in your name

join our carbon neutral crew

Monthly subscribers are carbon neutral, and also get a TENZING beanie


We source all of our energy from nature, so it's only right we give back. To protect our natural playground, we've spent the last year reducing our carbon footprint, finding a 'gold standard' partner to help us offset what we can't avoid, and funding projects locally where we source our ingredients.

our environmental projects cover more than greenhouse gasses too

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