TENZING: The Perfect Alternative to a Cup of Coffee

- 19 March 2020


One can of TENZING is the equivalent to an Americano, a double espresso, an iced latte - whatever your coffee of choice. But not only does our natural energy give you the same much-needed boost, TENZING also has the added benefits of vitamin c and electrolytes alongside natural caffeine - a triple hit powered purely by plants. Whether you are a four-coffee-a-day kind of commuter, or someone who only enjoys the occasional green tea, TENZING has you covered.

We promise that our 80mg of natural caffeine will give you a lift, without the crash. A boost, with no shakes. Energy, without any compromise. How? Our unique blend of green coffee and green tea is crafted with your body in mind, that’s how. 

Let’s start with our coffee beans. Much like coffee, we get energy from the humble coffee bean. However, ours is green. Yes, Green! This is because we extract natural caffeine from our beans before they are roasted. Roasting coffee changes its chemical structure and nutrient concentration, therefore, our green coffee extract is much better than your morning coffee, in four key ways.

Benefits of Tenzing's Green Coffee Extract

  1. Green bean extract gives you the same caffeine fix, without sending your system into a caffeine-induced hyperactive episode. This is because green coffee extract has a lower concentration of caffeine than roasted coffee, making our 80mg of caffeine more densely packed with nutritional and metabolic benefits than your typical tipple. All in all, you digest TENZING completely differently, so the caffeine is released more steadily. We mean it when we say ‘no crash’! 

  2. Coffee beans are the primary natural source of Chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant which research suggests reduces blood pressure and improves your mood.  Your body quickly absorbs and metabolizes Chlorogenic acid, making it easy for you to take advantage of its many health benefits. Sadly, your morning coffee doesn’t contain this, as chlorogenic acid gets lost in the roasting process. However, the extraction process of our natural caffeine from green coffee beans does.

  3. Green coffee bean extract is more effective at lowering inflammation. This has positive effects on blood sugar levels, and is also said to reduce fat accumulation and insulin resistance.

  4. We use Arabica beans, because we only want to blend the best. Arabica coffee beans are widely regarded as one of the highest quality beans out there. Grown at a higher altitude, our Arabica beans are given more time to develop, ultimately ensuring a delicate and higher quality end result. We care about the quality of the crops you consume. When we say ‘the best’, we mean it!

Green coffee’s energising partner-in-crime is our wonderful Rainforest Alliance Certified Green Tea. Similar to green coffee, the natural processing of Green Tea gives many benefits.

Benefits of Tenzing's Green Tea Extract

  1. Green Tea is a rich source of L-theanine, an amino acid with strong links to alertness and mood-enhancement. Research has also shown L-theanine to reduce anxiety and improve focus, so it helps calm the mind and keep you energised. Another reason why a TENZING is a great alternative.

  2. Our Green Tea is full of antioxidants, keeping your immune system protected and doubling up on the nutritional benefits of our green coffee. No such thing as too much plant power! 

  3. Its Rainforest Alliance Certified! This means that we only source from farms which work with the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring that high standards of environmental, social, and economic sustainability are met. This is really important to us, and we know it is important to you too. 

  4. Our Rainforest Alliance Green Tea is largely picked by hand. This means that only the best leaves are picked, at the peak of their maturity. Some say it makes the green tea subtly sweeter. We’re not surprised, after all, a more ethical and sustainable supply chain sounds pretty sweet to us. 
Like our Arabica coffee beans, Rainforest Alliance Green Tea is often grown at higher altitudes. Scientists haven’t proved the benefits of this, yet, but if there is one thing we know for certain, is that there’s magic in the mountains. We know Tenzing Norgay himself would agree. Perhaps that’s why TENZING works so well? After all, all the benefits listed above come from just two of our key ingredients. Just imagine the plant-based power that can be found in the rest. 
So why not try swapping out your coffee or tea, for all the plant-based green goodness found in a single can of TENZING. Nice.
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