The TENZING Clean Air Tracker; what you need to know

- 26 February 2020

TENZING provides you with energy that is good for the mind, body and planet. Last year we were determined to strengthen our care for the planet by developing something that could help people's increased concerns for our precious planet. With 95% of our community in the UK, and a large proportion in London, we started researching environmental issues Londoners are facing.

Air Pollution rose to the top of that list when we came across a study from Dr Gary Fuller which stated that exercising in highly polluted areas is likely to negate the health benefits of exercise! As a team of passionate runners, this shocked us immensely and lead us to think can you even run cleanly in the Big Smoke?
We asked ourselves, imagine if it were possible to plot, map and see air pollution scores for a run anywhere in London. Could we really make this a reality for London runners? We reached out to Dr Gary Fuller, Andrew Grieve and the Environmental Research team at King's College London to see if they would partner with us on our Clean Air Mission - they welcomed us with open arms. Kings operate one of the world's leading air pollution tracking technologies, measuring air quality every 25m throughout Greater London. 

With the use of this data, they helped us create our very own TENZING Clean Air Tracker which we launch in July 2019.
This platform helps Londoners search for 'clean' runs, create their own clean route as well as offering challenges to find the cleanest routes in each of London's boroughs. By adding just an extra 5 minutes to your running commute via cleaner streets, you could be cutting your exposure to air pollution by up to 50%! So whether it's on your morning commute, training for a race or race day itself, sync our Tracker to your phone!

Alongside our Tracker, we launched the TENZING Clean Air Run Club - a weekly run club like no other. Each Thursday evening, we use our Tracker to identify a clean route from TENZING Basecamp to an Ultra Clean Zone where you will be coached by none other than James Poole to make sure you really improve your running skills week on week. So feel free to come down to find out more about our Clean Air pledge, improve your running and even some free TENZING!

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