Men's Health name Tenzing the Energy Drink of 2019!

- 09 April 2019


In 2016, we set out to change the way people energise themselves by creating a healthy alternative to the typically sugar-laden and artificial energy drink. 

The long-standing stigma around energy drinks wasn't easy to shake, but now we're leading a new wave of energy: the kind that has been declared the 'Sharpest' by Men's Health, "a far cry from the fluoro energy drinks of your teenage years." 

Our unique, plant-based blend gives you a triple-hit of natural caffeine, Vitamin C and electrolytes. These ingredients make for both an energising and rehydrating drink - the perfect sidekick to any work out.

Our goal was, and still is, to educate people that healthy energy is possible, and boy does it feel good to be recognised for it. Not only have we succeeded in creating healthy energy, but Tenzing is a drink for all occasions - something to get you through your nine to five or something that maximises your performance during the most gruelling of workouts. 

It's an exciting time for us at Tenzing - and just the start of our journey into the world of fitness. So grab a can from one our many gym partners: Core Collective, BXR, Another Space, Digme Fitness and Nuffield Health.

Haven't got Tenzing yet at your gym? Drop us a message at and we'll get your fridges stocked full of natural energy in no time!

Purely from Plants, low in sugar, low in calories and refreshing? What's not to like?!

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